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Officers from INORMS member societies meet on a formal basis at society annual meetings, and at INORMS congresses. On such occasions, current issues facing the societies and their respective members, are discussed. Outside the formal meetings, there is exchange of detailed information, often on a bilateral basis, such as details of mentoring schemes, or material for shared training and development curricula


Support for Emerging Research Management Associations

INORMS supports the development of professional associations for Research Mangagement. Previous work in this area includes the RIMI4AC project to improve the Research and innovation management capacity in Africa and the Caribbean.  Two INORMS member organisations (SARIMA and the ACU) collaborated with Research Africa, Research and Innovation Management Services, Belgium, and Universites in Africa and the Carribean to deliver this project.  The most significant output from this collaboration, was the three Research Management associations, which were developed during the project - CARIMA for the Central Africa region, EARIMA for the East Africa region and CabRIMA for the Caribbean region



INORMS congresses bring together research management societies and associations from across the globe, to share good practice and explore joint activities between the member societies, for the benefit of their respective memberships.

Congresses are held biennially, and are usually linked to member societies' annual meetings.

The next INORMS congress - with the theme Promoting Global Research Management, Supporting Global Research Challenges - will be hosted by the Association of Research Management and Administrators (ARMA) from 4-7 June, in Edinburgh



  • The sixth INORMS congress  - with the theme Research Management in a Connected World - was hosted by the Australasian Research Management Society from 11-15 September 2016, at the Melbourne Convention Centre in Melbourne, Australia.The congress was attended by over 860 delegates from 35 countries, ensuring a truly international collaboration. The congress program included plenary presentations, pre conference workshops and accreditation modules, oral presentations and posters.
  • The fifth INORMS congress - with the theme Enabling the Research Enterprise, from Policy to Practice" - was hosted by the Canadian Association of University Research Administrators (CAURA); the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA); and Society of Research Administrators International (SRAI), in Washington DC, 10-13 April 2014
  • The fourth INORMS congress - which focused on on the individual research manager and administrator in his or her many capacities - was Hosted by DARMA in Copenhagen, from 12-14 May 2012). The event was attended by 450 delegates from 39 countries
  • The third INORMS congress - with the theme – Managing for Impact: New Approaches to Research and Innovation Management – was hosted by the ACU and SARIMA in Cape Town in 2010. The congress was attended by over 400 delegates from 40 countries
  • The second INORMS congress - with the theme Exploring Similarities: National and International Research Management and Administratio was hosted by .the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (UK), in Liverpool, UK, from 16-19 June 2008. The event attracted over 500 participants from 30 countries, with more than 100 speaker
  • The first INORMS congress - with the theme Internationalisation of Research – the big issues and opportunities for the decadeas was hosted by the Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS), from 22- 25 August 2006, in Brisbane, Australia. The congress was attended by 450 delegates from 23 countries, with 173 workshop participants, 71 national & international speakers, and 21 sponsors.



The most recent INORMS congress - Melboune, 2016













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