Officers from INORMS member societies meet on a formal basis at society annual meetings, and at INORMS Congresses. On such occasions, current issues facing the societies and their respective members, are discussed. Outside the formal meetings, there is exchange of detailed information, often on a bilateral basis, such as details of mentoring schemes, or material for shared training and development curricula.

Support for Emerging Research Management Associations

INORMS supports the development of professional associations for Research Management. Previous work in this area includes the RIMI4AC project to improve the Research and innovation management capacity in Africa and the Caribbean.  Two INORMS member organisations (SARIMA and the ACU) collaborated with Research Africa, Research and Innovation Management Services, Belgium, and Universities in Africa and the Caribbean to deliver this project.  The most significant output from this collaboration, was the three Research Management associations, which were developed during the project – CARIMA for the Central Africa region, EARIMA for the East Africa region and CabRIMA for the Caribbean region.

Research Evaluation Working Group

Formed to develop a joint programme of work and share experiences and best practice with a view to ensuring research evaluation is meaningful, responsible and effective. Be a part of the new network or read more about how you can participate.

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A snapshot of research administrators and their skills from around the world.

The findings from the 2016-2017 Research Administration As A Profession (RAAAP) project, which aimed to find out the key skills, attitudes and behaviours of successful research administration leaders, are nicely summarised in this award winning poster.

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