Research Impact and Stakeholder Engagement Working Group

Co-Chaired by David Phipps (York University, Canada) and Julie Bayley (University of Lincoln, UK), the Research Engagement and Impact SIG will seek to build the capacity of research managers and administrators to support researchers and their stakeholders/partners who are working to maximize the diverse impacts of research. Different countries have different frameworks for research impact and some countries have none but are doing it anyway. We will identify research impact practitioners who have tools and practices to share. We will make them accessible to INORMS associations to help build our capacity to support impact and engagement so it isn’t “just one more thing” we have to do.

The INORMS RISE Working Group has developed criteria to help research management associations (RMA) and RMA members assess people and organizations providing products and services to support research impact defined as the provable effects of research in the real world. Click here for the guidance.


  • David Phipps, Co-Chair, York University and Research Impact Canada, Canada
  • Julie Bayley, Co-Chair, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom


  • Susan Renoe, Univ. of Missouri and National Alliance for Broader Impacts, USA
  • Esther deSmet, Ghent University, Flanders
  • Tamika Heiden, KT Australia
  • Ben Prasadam-Halls, Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
  • John Anoku, University of Ghana
  • Faith Welch, University of Auckland
  • Dr. Kate Harris, University of Tokyo


The working group will be responsible for the following:

  1. Developing goals for the Working Group.
  2. Securing additional Working Group members to reflect the geographic spread of INORMS.
  3. Develop professional development content desired by INORMS members recognizing that different countries have different approaches to engagement and impact and are at different stages of development of engagement and impact practices.
  4. Make professional development content accessible to INORMS members using INORMS platforms.
  5. Be “agents” of the professional development content in members’ regions via INORMS associations where available.
  6. Convene a bi-annual meeting of the Working Group members and a professional development session(s) while at the INORMS conference.
  7. Via the Co-Chairs, report to the Council at least once per year and more frequently as requested.

Research Engagement and Impact Working Group Terms of Reference

RISE Working Group Report – May 2019

RISE Working Group Report – May 2020

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