INORMS Congress

INORMS Congresses are held biennially and usually linked to one of the member societies’ annual meetings. The first congress took place in Brisbane in 2006. The Congress provides an opportunity to meet; present on, listen to and discuss research administration and research management, network and undertake professional development.

The 10th INORMS congress    Madrid, 6-8 May 2025       LEARN MORE

The previous INORMS congresses are:

  • The ninth INORMS congress – Durban, 30 May-2 June 2023 (Hosted by SARIMA)
  • The eighth INORMS congress – Hiroshima (web), 24-27 May 2021 (Hosted by RMAN-J with support from SRA International)
  • The seventh INORMS congress – Edinburgh, 4-7 June 2018 (Hosted by ARMA UK)
  • The sixth INORMS congress – Melbourne, 11-15 September 2016 (Hosted by ARMS)
  • The fifth INORMS congress – Washington DC, April 2014 (Hosted by SRA, CARA and NCURA)
  • The fourth INORMS congress – Copenhagen, May 2012 (Hosted by DARMA)
  • The third INORMS congress – Cape Town, April 2010 (Hosted by SARIMA & ACU)
  • The second INORMS congress – Liverpool, June 2008 (Hosted by ARMA)
  • The first INORMS congress – Brisbane, August 2006 (Hosted by ARMS)


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