The Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) Survey – 2022

The Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) longitudinal survey, asks questions about your experience as a research manager / research administrator, your most recent role, how you entered the field, your experience of research impact and engagement, and demographics (on your educational background, the country where you work, your age range, and gender).

The third iteration of the RAAAP survey is scheduled for early 2022 and will focus on “How I Became a Research Manager and Administrator” – HIBARMA.

The questionnaire for the survey has been developed and is currently being checked.  When the survey is live you will be able to link to it from here.  As always, your participation is greatly appreciated!

The RAAAP-3 Team leading HIBARMA are:

Simon Kerridge of the University of Kent in the UK,; Madhuri Dutta of the George Institute for Global Health in India,; Melinda Fischer of Clemson University in the US,; and Cristina Oliveira of the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH) in Portugal,  Simon was working with Cristina, Madhuri, and Melinda on different aspects of the RMA profession.  What brought them together on this project was ultimately a mutual curiosity in identifying the diverse background, training, and motivations of RMAs to choose this profession.

You can find further information on the overall suite of RAAAP surveys at RAAAP Taskforce.

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