Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) TaskForce

Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) is an international survey which seeks to identify the key skills, attitudes and behaviours of successful research management and administration (RMA) leaders.

The initial RAAAP survey, held in 2016, was funded by NCURA.  It was led by Stephanie Scott (Columbia University, USA) and Simon Kerridge (University of Kent, UK) as Co-PIs, and supported by an international advisory group.  In June 2018, the Council of the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) formally endorsed the RAAAP survey as an INORMS initiative

The Taskforce

The RAAAP Taskforce was formed in October 2018.  It includes many members involved in the initial (2016) RAAAP exercise, and has expanded to include representation from each of the 18 INORMS Associations.

The aim of the RAAAP Taskforce is to continue the work of the initial RAAAP survey, by surveying Research Managers and Administrators every two years so, to collect and analyse longitudinal data about the profession. The Taskforce is also responsible for revising the initial survey and editing future iterations of the survey, as required.

The Surveys

The RAAAP survey now comprises two main sections. One section of the survey is a streamlined version of the 2016 survey. This section is intended to remain the same longitudinally.  The other section of the survey focuses on a specific area of interest, of particular relevance at the time – the focus of this section will change with each iteration of the survey.

  • RAAAP-2 (2019): The second iteration of the RAAAP survey (RAAAP-2) will be launched in the first half of 2019. The ‘guest’ section of the survey will focus on “Research Impact”.
  • RAAAP (2016):  The first iteration of the RAAAP survey attracted responses from over 2,600 individuals from 64 countries.  The survey’s findings were presented at RM and INORMS conferences between 2016 and 2018.

The Outputs

The Taskforce will keep you updated on RAAAP work.  It will do this primarily:

  • At RMA events: Taskforce members are delivering presentations and workshops on RAAAP at major RMA events. See the programme for your Association’s upcoming annual conference, for reference.
  • Through email briefings: The Taskforce has a monthly email briefing highlighting key updates, milestones and developments in RAAAP. If you would like to receive our email updates on RAAAP, please contact us using the email address below

You can also keep up-to-date with our work by checking #RAAAP on Twitter.

For further information, contact or your Association’s Taskforce member

RAAP Taskforce Members

The current Taskforce Chair is Simon Kerridge, University of Kent, UK

The Taskforce members are:

Key Findings and Outputs

  • Research Administration around the World – published in the Research Management Review journal in 2018
  • The award-winning poster which illustrates key findings from the first (2016) RAAAP survey.
  • You can find links to all RAAAP-related papers, blogs, datasets and material here

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