Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) TaskForce

At the 2018 INORMS conference, the incoming Chair of INORMS, Steph Bales [ARMA], announced the establishment of the RAAAP TaskForce to continue the work of the initial NCURA funded Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) project in order to collect longitudinal data about those who work in the profession of Research Management and Administration (RMA).

The aim of the INORMS RAAAP TaskForce is to continue the work of RAAAP by revisiting the questionnaire with the intention of slimming it down and surveying RMAs around the world every two years or so in order to collect longitudinal data about the profession.

The original RAAAP project was led by Simon Kerridge [ARMA] and Stephanie Scott [NCURA] with an advisory group of Patrice Ajai-Ajabe [ACU], Jan Andersen [EARMA], Janice Besch [ARMS], Cindy Kiel [SRAI], Susi Poli [EARMA], and Deborah Zornes [CARA] – Deborah will lead INORMS RAAAP. This “RAAAP-1” project undertook a survey which elicited a rich dataset of responses from 2,691 RMAs from around the world – 64 countries in total. Further information can be found on the RAAAP website which includes links to presentations, papers, and the anonymised data from the original survey conducted in 2016.

You can keep up-to-date with the work by checking #RAAAP on Twitter.

INORMS RAAAP TaskForce Membership

INORMS RAAAP includes many members of the original team and has expanded to include representation from each of the 18 INORMS Associations.

Swedish Association

Anna Raask

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