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April 2023Gdansk University, Poland (20 April 2023)Elizabeth GaddCan rankings support universities' quest for excellence?
April 2023UKSG Conference. Glasgow, ScotlandElizabeth GaddInvestigating the appropriate role for publications in research evaluation using the INORMS ‘SCOPE’ framework.
April 2023Queens University Belfast (5 April 2023)Elizabeth GaddExploring responsible research evaluation approaches.
March 2023Philea-EU Research Forum. Warsaw, Poland (9 March 2023)Elizabeth GaddIn pursuit of fairer & more meaningful research assessment.
January 2023Event. University of Strathclyde, Scotland (30 January 2023)Elizabeth GaddSeven priorities for improving research culture through research assessment. What next for Research Integrity?
November 2022ARMA ConferenceElizabeth GaddEvaluating global universities responsibly: the INORMS More Than Our Rank initiative.
September 2022Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy, September 21-23, 2022 in Turku, FinlandKasper Bruun and Marianne GauffriauSelected responsible research assessment guidelines – an overview
May 2022EARMA Conference 2022, OsloMarianne Gauffriau, Lone Bredahl, Tanja Strøm, Laura HimanenResearch evaluation matters - Barriers and incentives towards responsible research evaluations at Danish Universities
November 2021The Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy 2021 Marianne Gauffriau, Lone Bredahl, Tanja Strøm, Laura HimanenUsing SCOPE to investigate research evaluation practices at Danish universities - Work in progress
October 2021ARMA ConferenceElizabeth Gadd
September 2021LATMetricas ( Gadd & Aline PacificoTitle to be confirmed
July 2021Focus on Open Science Chapter XIIIElizabeth GaddValue-led research evaluation: a practical guide for Open Research
May 2021INORMS 2021Laura Beaupre, Lone Bredahl, Elizabeth Gadd, Laura Himanen, Aline Pacifico, Hirofumi Seike, Justin Shearer, Tanja Strøm, Baron G. Wolf, Changing the world of research evaluation: the work of the INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group
May 2021UCL Open Science EventElizabeth GaddCOUNTerproductive? The role of metrics in the advancement of open science.
April 2021Bibliometrics and Research Impact Community Conference, CanadaLaura Beaupre and Justin ShearerWorking towards meaningful, responsible and effective research evaluation.
March 2021NARMA ConferenceLaura Himanen and Tanja StrømIf our metrics are not shaped by our core values, our values will be distorted by our metrics.
February 2021Metricas Project BrazilAline Pacifico and Elizabeth GaddSCOPE method for responsible research evaluation
November 2020Global Research Council RRA ConferenceElizabeth GaddIntroducing SCOPE - a five-stage process for evaluating responsibly.
October 2020Virginia Tech Open Access WeekElizabeth GaddCounting What Counts In Recruitment, Promotion & Tenure
October 202025th Nordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research PolicyElizabeth GaddThe Research Evaluation Food Chain and how to fix it
October 2020NIH Bibliometrics & Research Evaluation SymposiumElizabeth GaddThe Five Habits of Highly-Effective Bibliometric Practitioners
October 2020SRA ConferenceBaron WolfINORMS: Best Practices in Research Evaluation, Materials for Senior Decision Makers
October 2020EARMA conferenceTanja Strøm and Elizabeth GaddE-valu-ating what we value: the INORMS SCOPE model
September 2020Finnish Ministry of Education & CultureElizabeth GaddBibliometrics: Diversity's friend or foe?
October 2019FORCE11 Conference, EdinburghElizabeth GaddResponsible metrics - what’s the state of the art?
October 2019SRA Conference, USABaron Wolf and Elizabeth GaddEnsuring Research Evaluation is Meaningful, Responsible and Effective: Introducing the Work of the INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group
June 2019ARMA conference, BelfastElizabeth GaddIntroduction to the work of the REWG
June 2019INORMS 2021Julie Bayley, Elizabeth Gadd, Simon Kerridge, David PhippsBuilding research management across distance, time and cultures

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