SCOPE Framework for Research Evaluation

The SCOPE framework for research evaluation is a five-stage model for evaluating responsibly. It is a practical step-by-step process designed to help research managers, or anyone involved in conducting research evaluations, in planning new evaluations as well as check existing evaluations. SCOPE is an acronym, where S stands for START with what you value, C for CONTEXT considerations, O for OPTIONS for evaluating, P for PROBE deeply, and E for EVALUATE your evaluation. The following resources available on SCOPE explain the model in more detail:

One of the underpinning messages of SCOPE is not to abandon academic rigour when it comes to management practice. Most institutions have expertise in research evaluation – utilize that expertise! To persuade senior leaders of the benefits of responsible research evaluation, the group has also produced a set of arguments, available in several languages:

The INORMS Research Evaluation Group can be invited to facilitate a workshop on the SCOPE process, for more information, please contact the chair [].

For news coverage of this work, please see our Outputs & Outreach page.

Any feedback you have on this work, including any local implementations of the SCOPE process, can be emailed to any of the INORMS Research Evaluation Group members [About].

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