SCOPE Framework for Research Evaluation

The SCOPE framework for research evaluation is a five-stage model for evaluating responsibly. It is a practical step-by-step process designed to help research managers, or anyone involved in conducting research evaluations, in planning new evaluations as well as check existing evaluations. SCOPE is an acronym, where S stands for START with what you value, C for CONTEXT considerations, O for OPTIONS for evaluating, P for PROBE deeply, and E for EVALUATE your evaluation.

Principles of SCOPE

SCOPE in Depth 

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Articles & blog posts

  • *NEW* Himanen, Conte, Gauffriau, Strom, Wolf & Gadd. The SCOPE framework – implementing ideals of responsible research assessment [version 2; peer review: 2 approved]. F1000 Research 2024, 12:1241 (

SCOPE Case Studies

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Loughborough University (2023) Statement on responsible research assessment at Loughborough University based around SCOPE.
University of Surrey (2023) Use of SCOPE to develop open research indicators.
Bhattacharjee Suchiradipta, Moumita Koley, Jahnab Bharadwaj (2023). Workshop on Research Assessment Practices in Indian Funding Agencies. Journal of Science Policy & Governance. Vol 22, 1, 2023.


Using SCOPE to select metrics to track improvements in Research Culture: Interim reflections
INORMS SCOPE Workshop Case Study: University of Glasgow: Supporting the careers of others.
INORMS SCOPE Workshop Case Study: Emerald Publishing: Evaluating the diversity of editorial boards
SCOPE Mini Case Study: Creating awareness about responsible research evaluation: SCOPE used in interviews with Higher Education (HE) leaders in Denmark
SCOPE Case Study: Oslo Metropolitan University: Lectures in the master’s course “Scholarly Communication”
INORMS SCOPE Case Study: The UK Higher Education Funding Bodies: Developing a new national research evaluation system

One of the underpinning messages of SCOPE is not to abandon academic rigor when it comes to management practice. Most institutions have expertise in research evaluation – utilize that expertise! To persuade senior leaders of the benefits of responsible research evaluation, the group has also produced a set of arguments, available in several languages:

Five arguments to persuade HE Leaders to evaluate research responsibly (Translations: Chinese, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese)

The INORMS Research Evaluation Group can be invited to facilitate a workshop on the SCOPE process, for more information, please contact the chair [].

For news coverage of this work, please see our Outputs & Outreach page.

Any feedback you have on this work, including any local implementations of the SCOPE process, can be emailed to any of the INORMS Research Evaluation Group members.

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