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The More Than Our Rank initiative has been developed in response to some of the problematic features and effects of the global university rankings. It provides an opportunity for universities and other academic institutions to highlight the many and various ways they serve the world that are not reflected in their ranking position. This initiative is meant for every university or academic institution, whether ranked or unranked, top 10 or yet to place. It is an initiative for institutions who are proud of their ranking position but also recognize the limitations of the indicators used, and for those who feel that the rankings do not reflect their strengths or institutional mission.  Every institution in the world, whether top-ranked or the newest university in a small economy, is much more than their rank. This initiative is simply an opportunity to publicly say so and explain why.

Why participate?

By participating in the More Than Our Rank initiative, academic institutions are demonstrating a commitment to responsible assessment practices and a commitment to fellow institutions whose strengths are not rewarded by the rankings. By demonstrating this commitment, institutions have greater capacity to focus on their institutional mission and expertise. .

How to participate

Institutions that wish to participate can simply sign up through this website and add the More Than Our Rank logo to their web pages or promotional materials. There is no fee to participate in this global initiative. Academic institutions are encouraged to post a statement as to why they are participating in the initiative, and how much more they have to offer than the rankings can measure. A sample statement for a fictional university is provided below, but institutions can craft their narrative as they wish.

The INORMS Research Evaluation Group plan to launch the initiative in September 2022 and are now seeking a small number of early adopter institutions to provide a range of exemplar statements for other institutions to follow. If you would like to be listed as an early adopter institution, please sign up using the form below and supply your More Than Our Rank statement by 31 August 2022.

Any questions, please contact:

Data Privacy 

This initiative is managed by ARMA UK and any data collected is subject to ARMA’s Privacy Policy.


Sample Statement

The University of XX is pleased to participate in the More Than Our Rank initiative. Global rankings are relied upon heavily by students, employers and funders, often without any critical assessment as to what they indicate. Our university performs well in [Ranking X] which maps closely on to our mission, but less well in [Ranking Y] which does not. We recognise that generally speaking the global university rankings reward older, wealthier, larger, research-intensive institutions. As a university committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, and responsible research assessment, we believe it is important to acknowledge this.

The University of XX is More Than Our Rank across many dimensions. For example, the rankings fail to capture our widening participation rates, where over half of our students are either the first in their family to attend university, or from disadvantaged backgrounds. They fail to capture the volume of regional investments and local regeneration supported by the university, leading to hundreds of new jobs. They do not show that 95% of our graduates walk straight into graduate-level employment or further education. Neither do they capture the significant real-world impacts of our research on climate change, clean technologies, and design for disabilities, all of which have resulted in Research Prizes.

We urge the users of the global rankings to be critical in their interpretation of them, and to recognise that universities are so much More Than Their Rank.

Sign the More Than Our Rank initiative

The INORMS Research Evaluation Group encourages all universities and academic institutions interested in promoting aspects of their activities that are not captured in national or international university rankings to participate in the More Than Our Rank initiative.

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Early Adopter Institutions

Please click on the logo of our early adopter institutions to see some example More Than Our Rank statements.


Supporting organisations

More Than Our Rank is delighted to have the support of the following organisations.

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