The International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) brings together research management societies and associations from across the globe. Its purpose is to enable interactions, share good practice, and coordinate activities between the member societies, to the benefit of their individual membership.

Each member society has its own distinct remit, constitution, membership and geographical base. The network enables the officers of the member societies to compare their national or regional issues, and to learn from each other. Through INORMS, we are able to transfer training course structure and content, adopt comparable support mechanisms, and jointly develop training materials.

The INORMS secretariat sits with the Association that hosted the immediate past INORMS Congress – it currently sits with the Australasian Research Management Society (from September 2016 – June 2018).



The INORMS 2018 Congress will be hosted by the Association of Research Managers and Administrators UK (ARMA) from 4-7 June 2018, in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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